Team Tennis

On this page you'll find general information, fixtures and results relating to the competitive interclub teams at Westfields.

Fixtures / Results in the Latest Leagues

All fixtures and results from the summer and winter leagues can be found on the LTA website.

In 2009 Leicestershire LTA introduced a system whereby all teams were required to enter all their results online. This system means that results across the county are readily available, that all league tables are automatically updated, and that in-depth breakdowns of all players performances are online.

General Information

Teams entered

  • Leicestershire summer league
Two men's teams
Two ladies' team
One mixed team
  • Aegon Team Tennis Open League
One men's team (see eligibility for entry requirements for this team)
  • Leicestershire winter league
Two men's teams
Two ladies' teams

Match Practice

Single sex sessions on Sunday mornings for men and Sunday afternoons for women double up as the match practice sessions. This session is formally 'match practice' from the beginning of April to the start of the season during which time the selectors may use the sessions to try out pairs for the coming season and request that matches be played in the first to nine style used in the summer league. Also a further session (Tuesday evenings for men, Thursday evenings for ladies) is made available for match practice.


The only requirements you need meet in order to play team tennis for Westfields is that you are a full member of Westfields LTC and have a BTM number (free and easy obtain). As a member of an affiliated club (i.e. Westfields) this membership is free and can be obtained online here. All adult and intermediate members are encouraged to play regardless of standard. Some juniors are also asked if they would like to attend match practice and play team tennis if the selectors believe they are of the required standard and the committee approves their decision.


Match fees for the doubles leagues are £2.50 per match played regardless of location. Match fees for the ATTL vary regarding how many rubbers an individual plays, but will never surpass £2.50. Subs are usually paid to the team captain at the end of each match. In addition, summer leagues finish with a meal for the two teams which is provided by the home team. While different captains arrange meals in different ways, every player contributes towards the tea (usually in a culinary rather than monetary sense) had after home matches.

League structure, general dates and times.

In the Leicestershire summer league, matches generally take place on weeknight evenings at 6:15 between the months of May and July. The league format in the summer is quite unusual; all matches are doubles only and each team has three pairs (6 players in each side).

Each pair plays each of the opposition's pairs in a first to nine set (tie-break at 8-8) meaning that each player plays three sets, and nine are played in total. A point is scored for each set won and a further two points awarded to the side with the most sets at the end of the match. There are ten teams in each division with the top two teams promoted and the bottom two teams relegated.

The Leicestershire mixed summer league follows the same format as the single-sex competitions, albeit in smaller leagues of around six teams. The matches are usually played on Sunday afternoons between July and September.

Another interclub competition normally starting in April is the Aegon Team Tennis - or 'National Club' - League. This competition combines singles and doubles. Initially, four best of three set singles matches take place. These singles matches are followed by two doubles matches. There is no necessity for the doubles matches to be contested between the same players as the singles, meaning that a side can consist of between four and eight players. A point is awarded for each match won. In the event of a 3-3 draw, a series of championship tie-breaks (first to 10 points) are played to establish a winner.

The Leicestershire Winter League has a rather more conventional format. Again a doubles competition, each team consists of two pairs who play two sets against each of the opposition's pairs (each pair plays four sets, eight are played in total). One point is scored for each set won. These matches generally take place on Sunday mornings for men and Sunday afternoons for women, starting in September and continuing through into November. Please see the fixtures page for specific information.


If you have a general query or are unsure who to contact please feel free to get in touch with the Teams' representative who sits on the committee and who will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you play in (or are from another club and are playing against) a specific team you should feel free to contact that team's captain directly.

All contacts are available on the contacts page.