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News and Events 2015

April & July 2015 - Open Days

April 11th and July 5th - All standards welcome

  • All equipment provided.
  • Membership deals
  • Refreshments available

News and Events 2014

July 2014 - Junior Club Championships

6th July 2014 held the annual Westfields Club Championships. This is the second year running now that a this has been a proper event for all players. The event is a time for all the players that CJ Selvidge (Head coach Westfields) to prove themselves and compete to be the club champion in Red, Orange & Green for another year.

It was an early start at 9am for the Parent & Player doubles tournament. This is a chance for all players to play with one of their parents in a fun doubles tournament. With 8 doubles pairs entering, the draw was pulled out a hat, putting 4 pairs in each round robin group with the winner of each going into the final. This put Freddie and his dad Bill (2013 winners) in the final against Mitchell and his mum Anna. This was always going to be a close match with both boys having great tennis ability and both parents being competitive. There were some great rally's throughout the match until Mitchell & Anna managed to get a match point however, with the 2013 winners applying constant pressure Mitch & Anna couldn't quite finish it off meaning that Freddie & Bill made it two years running as the parent & player club champions winning 11-9 in a tiebreak.

After the parent player came the time for Fred (parent + player champion two years running and mini green champion 2013) to defend his mini green title. Once again the draw was based on 4 players per round robin group with Freddie meeting Mitchell in the final. In 2013 Freddie beat Mitchell 10-5 in a great green final and 2014 was much of the same with Freddie using his greater power and experience on a bigger court to apply pressure to the smaller player, Mitchell, in a 10-5 tiebreak victory. This was a great match exhibiting some fantastic tennis really proving how high the level these boys at this age are playing!

Next came the very tense mini orange tournament, with only 6 entrants and 3 players in each round robin group it was not long before Mitchell + Finlay (birthday boy) made it to the final. This was always going to be a fantastic final with both players being great friends and having very similar tennis abilities. Finlay aged 10 on the day had to play against Mitchell aged 8 who had already proven himself in the Mini green final. Mitchell started strong taking the first 3 points however, Finlays determination played a part and the long rallys flew by with Finlay taking it to 9-6 putting Mitchell under great pressure. However, Mitchell was not giving up there, Mitchell brought out some of the best tennis he has ever played managing to win 11-9 in what was a true epic match and arguably the best and closest final of the day!

Finally came the youngsters of the day in the mini red championships once again eight players were split into two round robin groups taking Mitchell (his fourth final of the day) into the final against Johnny (Finlays younger brother). These two players are also good friends and both show huge potential for the future. The final was better than anyone could have suspected with both boys serving incredibly hitting serves between 50-60mph! Meaning that the match was going purely on serves either acing or being nonreturnable. Until Johnny unfortunately double faulted giving Mitch a break point which he grabbed very quickly managing to finish what was the best Mini red match I have ever seen 10-8! This was a great end to the day making Mitchell champion two years running in Mini red and winning two of the events in the day and runner up in the other two.

Overall this was a great day and this is why I coach! To see the kids I coach having fun and using their ability to compete!

May & June 2014 - Open Days

Saturday May 17th and Sunday June 29th - All standards welcome

  • All equipment provided.
  • 20% OFF all membership deals
  • Refreshments available

May 2014 - 1st BBQ of the year at the Club

1st BBQ of the year Sat 10th May at 7.30pm, bring own meat and drink, bread and salads provided. £1 adults 50p children

News and Events 2013

16th Nov 2013 - Peruvian style dinner at the Club

Sat 16th Nov 7.30pm - 5 per head - Put your name down in the Club house

Sept 2013 - Junior Club Championships

Last Sunday (22nd September) was the time for Westfields Tennis Clubs Juniors to have their chance to win some silverware in the annual Junior club championships, it was a great day with beautiful Weather and with many players entering it made for a close run tournament.

CJ the head coach ran 3 tournaments, one mini red tournament with 10 entrants and one mini orange tournament with 10 entrants finishing off with a parent and player doubles tournament with 7 entrants. All matches throughout the day went well and it was great to see all players improve throughout as well as being able to see how well the coaching is benefiting them

Picture here: Westfields Tennis Clubs mini red junior club champion of 2013 was Mitchell only at the age of 7 he has won this tournament now for the second year running winning it for the first time last year at the age of 6. Will he be able to make it three in a row next year in his final year as a mini red.

Picture here: Westfields Tennis Clubs mini orange junior club champion of 2013 was Freddie beating Mini red champion Mitchell in a close final 10-5. Freddie played some of his best tennis throughout the day then went on to also win the doubles parent/ player tournament alongside his dad Bill later that day.

Picture here: A fantastic atmosphere all the way through the day with the parents and family members turning Westfields tennis clubs grass bank into a little Henman Hill.

July 2013 - Successful open day and Club Tournements

After a fantastic open day on 30th June we welcome all new members who came down to the day.

Now it's time for the Club Tournament - Monday 19 August > Sunday 8 Sept. Make sure you get your entries in. Forms available in the Clubhouse.
All Finals Day: Sunday 8th September

May 2013 - Half term day camp

Over May half term head coach CJ ran an all day camp as normal at Westfields Tennis Club running from 10am-4pm. After keeping the kids busy and entertained over the week with technique improvement as well as fun and games it came to the last day of the camp meaning only one thing, it was time to run a tournament.

With a standard tiebreak to 10 format but with both red and orange players some matches were played on red court and some played on orange depending if both players in the match were Red, Orange or a Mix. With an afternoon to run it using breaks and games to keep it fresh the tournament ran as a round robin format. Some matches were extremely close and all players eager to win knowing medals and certificates were up for grabs! As usual some matches got very heated however, a 'LET' sorted that. After all players had played each other they were split into a main and consolation draw leaving 6 players in each. And match scores were totted up leaving the two highest scored players going to the final and so on. Finally the 5th/6th Match finished 10-7, the 3rd/ 4th play off finished 10-9 and the Final also finished 10-9 forcing true emotions to come out and some real smashing rally's. In the picture are the top 5 from left to right: Ethan (5th), Finlay (2nd), Mitch (1st), Ben (3rd) & Johnny (4th) sporting their medals are the top 3 and all 5 are sporting their certificates. Overall it was a great success and all players made themselves and the coaching team proud.

May 2013 - BBQ 18th May

Join us for the first BBQ of the year on Saturday, 18th May 2013 at 7.30pm - £1.00 adults 50p children. Please bring your own meat, salads provided. Names down in the list in the Club house.

April 2013 - Fantastic Singles Tournaments Results

Some great results for Phil and Marc in some Singles Tournaments this season at venues in Leicestershire and Warwickshire bringing Westfields into the limelight! Marc has won a Grade 4 and a Grade 5 Final. Phil has been in many finals, but has won two Grade 4 & four Grade 5.
Congratulations to both players and best wishes for future tournaments.

April 2013 - Congratulations to Eduardo who is getting married!

Eduardo is keen to let the members of the Club know that he is getting married in May. Please click on the card for more details. The text translates:
"Hector Eduardo Ocampo With Diana Patricia Parra. Together with our parents, We are pleased to invite you to our Wedding Saturday 11th of May 2013 at 5:15pm Church La Inmaculada de Belmonte. Followed by a Hawaiian cocktail and dinner."

23rd March 2013 - Next dinner on 23rd March

Can people put their names on the list at the clubhouse so as we know who's joining us.
£5.00 adults - Themed typically English

News and Events 2012

6th October 2012 - Winter Supper on Saturday 6th October

Can people put their names on the list at the clubhouse so as we know who's joining us.
£5.00 adults - Welsh supper

September 2012 - Winter League Tennis

Team tennis is going to start again soon with the Mens / Womens Leagues.

Fixture lists for winter teams are now available to download from the team tennis page.
Links to the results of these matches are also included on the team tennis page.

1st July 2012 - Sunday - Westfields' open Day

Westfields Tennis Club is the most central club in Leicester and closest club to the suburbs of Western Park, Braunstone, New Parks, Glenfield and the majority of other sites to the west of the city.

On the 1st of July we'll be welcoming everyone interested in joining or exploring the site to an open day. The club welcomes all standards of players - from those who have never held a racquet before to experienced team players - from the age of 4 upwards and has coaching, social, and team sessions for all players.

  • 20% off ALL membership deals
  • FREE professional coaching for players (11:00 - 13:00)
  • FREE social tennis for all standards (13:00 onwards)
  • ALL equipment provided for those playing for the first time
  • Refreshments available.

Monday 20th August Sunday 9th September - Westfields Main Club Tournament

It's this time of year again for our main tournament. Entry forms available from the Club house. Since last year's format of playing the matches over a three week period was well received, we decided to continue with this. You can of course arrange to play the earlier rounds soon after the draw on Saturday 30th June, as long as all parties agree.

Look forward to getting your entries in as soon as ...

June 2012 - The Marjorie Beck Memorial Fund

Set up to commemorate her total commitment to Westfields - as a founder member, a very successful team player and an active member of the Committee. "A Golden Oldie"- playing at the club for over 50 years !

To apply for some funding, a candidate should :-

  • Have been a member for 2 years
  • Have shown commitment to the club
  • Have an appropriate standard of play
  • Use the qualification for the club
  • Be over 16 years of age

An applicant should apply to the Committee, in writing or by e-mail, via the Hon. Sec., explaining the reason (giving details of the course/s) for their application and briefly, how they fulfil the conditions above for such an application.

May 2012 - BBQ on Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm

Can people put their names on the list at the clubhouse so as we know how much salad and bread to provide.
£1.00 adults 50p children - Bring your own meat and drink, salads provided...

26th April 2012 - Summer League Tennis

Team tennis is going to start again soon with the Mens / Womens / Mixed server Leagues.

Fixture lists for summer teams are now available to download from the team tennis page.
Links to the results of these matches are also included on the team tennis page.

January - Tennis coaching blocks start back on Wednesday 11th January/ Saturday 14th January

Tennis starts back on Wednesday 11th January/ Saturday 14th January it is a 5 week block running up till February half term. Pay Pal is now a new method of paying and you can do this via this link then find 'Westfield Tennis Club' and book onto the session you attend.

News and Events 2011

6th November 2011 - Mens Practice

Now that the Winter league has drawn to a close, we're going to have mens' practice sessions on tuesdays and sundays as follows:

  • Tuesday evenings - 6pm onwards - starting on 15 November
  • Sunday mornings - 10am onwards - starting on 20 November

We plan to run the Tuesday evening session all year round.

Also for the tuesday session there will be a £1 per person charge for floodlights, which will be collected on the night. This charge is the same as what the ladies pay for their session on thursday evening.

16th September 2011 - Winter League Tennis

Team tennis is going to start again soon with the Mens and Ladies Winter Leagues.

Fixture lists for Men's / Womens winter teams are now available to download from the team tennis page.
Links to the results of these matches are also included on the team tennis page.

13th July 2011 - New Coaching Sessions

Details of the new courses can be downloaded here.

30th July to Wed 24th Aug - Information here

Summer Camp - Information here

25th June 2011 - Westfields Open Day

We will be holding our Annual open day. - More details to follow

11th & 12th June 2011 - Open Gardens Event

If you can give an hour (or more) to help with Open Gardens pm or some refreshments, that would be much appreciated. - Saturday afternoon play and Ladies play will add to the atmosphere so please come down.

4th June 2011 - Anne Relton social tournament

If you can please bring some refreshments. We will provide tea.

Tennis Clubmark Status

26th May 2011 - Tennis Clubmark status

We are delighted to confirm that the club has officially been awarded Tennis Clubmark status.
In order to achieve accreditation the LTA state that a club must:

  • Ensure the place to play has a fair and transparent operational structure
  • Adhere to best practice policies and procedures around safeguarding junior and adult members/users
  • Deliver a comprehensive and all encompassing tennis programme for all ages and abilities
  • Produce a clear plan of action for long term sustainability and future growth

That Westfields has been able to demonstrate their worth in all these areas is a ringing endorsement of the club and we hope all members, current and future, will reap the benefits which include increased eligibility for grants and school voucher schemes, as well as increased support from the LTA.

Many congratulations to all who worked on the bid, a plaque will be on display, and a presentation annouced, shortly.

14th May 2011 - BBQ on Saturday 14th May at 7.30pm

Can people put their names on the list at the clubhouse so as we know how much salad and bread to provide.
£1.00 adults 50p children - Bring your own meat, salads provided..

May 2011 - Clubmark Status

With the coming of Clubmark Status can everyone collect the school vouchers offered at supermarkets, as we will be able to use them against purchasing of equipment for the club.

1st May 2011 - Summer League Tennis Results

League results for all doubles teams can now be found via the link on our Team Tennis page.

4th April 2011 - Summer League Tennis

Team tennis is going to start again soon with the Mens and Ladies Summer Leagues. If you'd like to play this season add your name to the list in the clubhouse.

Fixture lists for Men's / Womens / Mixed summer teams are now available to download from the team tennis page.

4th April 2011 - Subscriptions due

Subscriptions are now due. As always there are discounts available for members who pay before the end of April. Pricing details can be found here.

Members who would like to play in the teams must have paid their fees.

1st April 2011 - March 2011 edition of Vantage magazine available for download

The most recent edition of 'Vantage is now available as free pdf download and gives the usual dose of local tennis related news.

Click here to begin download.

News and Events 2010

December 2010 - Results and Latest Leagues

Information/Results for Westfields Mens and Women winter 2010 leagues is available here.

December 2010 - September 2010 edition of Vantage magazine available for download

The most recent edition of 'Vantage is now available as free pdf download and gives the usual dose of local tennis related news.

Click here to begin download.

19th September 2010 - Singles ladder started

A singles ladder for competitive tennis between members has been introduced and is now up and running. All members are welcome to take part in the ladder, so if you'd like to play then sign up using the form in the clubhouse.

You can download the rules here.

11th September 2010 - Last BBQ of the season on Saturday

It's the last BBQ of the season on Saturday 11th September, put names on the list up on the club house board in the window. Bring your own meat and drink 50p children £1 adults.

1st August 2010 - Westfields' Winners at Leicestershire Closed

We're delighted to report that Rich Jones and Greg Hollin have won the Handicap A Men's Doubles event at Tennis Leicestershire Senior County Closed Championships - the preeminent tournament in the county. Rich and Greg won a hard fought final 8-6, 7-5; although that was as tight as it got for the pair as they passed through the four rounds of the competition without losing a set. See the results.

Congratulations to Rich and Greg as well as all the other members from the club who took part, including Phil Stacey who reached the semi-finals of the Handicap A Men's Singles event.

Hopefully these successes will see more members from Westfields taking part in one of the 29 events held at the County Closed next year!

27th July 2010 - July 2010 edition of Vantage magazine available for download

The most recent edition of 'Vantage is now available as free pdf download and gives the usual dose of local tennis related news.

Click here to begin download.

10th July - Saturday - Games Galore from 5.30pm

Gina is organising on behalf of the Younger Parkinson's Network and early evening event with all proceeds going to Parkinson's Research. Multitude of games ranging from dominoes to Trivial Pursuit, indoor and outdoor, bring you tennis shoes if you want to play. Something for the whole family.

Afternoon tea, nibbles, and drinks provided £5 adults and £2 children. Prizes to be won.

For those who used their mobile phone internet connection to get the answers to the quiz last year, be warned I shall be watching for cheating!!!

Enter your name on the list in the clubhouse if you are able to come for catering purposes.

More information available download

26th June - Saturday - BBQ from 7.30pm

Bring your own meat and drink, salads provided for just £1 adults and 50p children. Tennis shoes and rackets if you want to play, great social evening.

Put your name on the list on the board in the clubhouse if you are coming so the amount of salads required can be calculated.

20th June 2010 - Aegon Team Tennis Side Conclude Successful Season

Sunday the 20th of June saw the end of Westfields' first season in the county's top division of the Aegon Team Tennis League (formerly known as the National Club League). After getting promoted from Division 2 last year, a second place finish this (trailing behind worthy winners Lutterworth) can be deemed a more than respectable effort, with three victories and three losses the sum result. The season's most notable achievement goes to the doubles partnership of Jon Anderson and Richard Jones who - despite being seeded to always play the opposition's strongest players - won all their ties this year. Congratulations to them and all others involved.

19th June 2010 - Successful Open Day Concludes

Saturday the 19th saw the club's first effort at a large scale open day in years and, by general consensus, was a great success. The club welcomed around fifteen juniors and fifteen seniors for the first time; all reported that they enjoyed the coaching provided by head coach Jon Anderson and assistant Ben Tunaley, and that the members were nothing but friendly and welcoming. We're delighted to say that a number of those visiting the club have joined and we're sure that some of the others will be returning over the coming weeks.

A great deal of effort went into the open day and a good number of people deserve thanks for the work they put in; thank you to Jon Anderson, Caroline, Joe P, Kev, Len, Melissa, Patrice, Paul, Richard J, Richard Wilson, Sheila, and Will for flyering local streets, their places of work, and various friends. Thanks to Caroline, Gina, Melissa, and Sheila for bringing up eatables on the day. Thanks to Jon Anderson, Ben Tunaley, and Richard Wilson for giving up their time and experience to provide coaching on the day, and of course thank you to all those who took posters, attended on the day, and gave their time without my knowledge; a fantastic all round club effort.

It is hoped that this event will now become an annual event. A big part of this will involve learning lessons from today and making next year's open day even better. If you have any comments to make in this regard, please feel free to get in touch at - all feedback is greatly appreciated.

19th June 2010 - Saturday - Westfields' open Day

Westfields Tennis Club is the most central club in Leicester and closest club to the suburbs of Western Park, Braunstone, New Parks, Glenfield and the majority of other sites to the west of the city.

On the 19th of June we'll be welcoming everyone interested in joining or exploring the site to an open day. The club welcomes all standards of players - from those who have never held a racquet before to experienced team players - from the age of 4 upwards and has coaching, social, and team sessions for all players.

  • 20% off ALL membership deals
  • FREE professional coaching for players aged 4-16 (specific times tbc) between 10am and 1pm
  • FREE professional coaching for adults between 2-4pm
  • FREE social tennis for all standards all day.
  • ALL equipment provided for those playing for the first time
  • Refreshments available.

FREE coaching schedule for the day :

  • Mini Reds/Mini Oranges (4-8 years old) - 09:00-10:00
  • Mini Greens (9-10 year olds) - 10:00-11:00
  • Mini Yellows (11-13 year olds) - 11:00-12:00
  • 14-16 year olds - 12:00-13:00
  • Adults - 14:00-16:00
  • (Juniors who already attend coaching at Westfields can also attend these sessions free of charge)

We have set up a Facebook event page so if you use facebook please have a look at the event here.

7th June 2010 - Rearranged Men's and Mixed fixtures

Please note that the following two fixtures have been rearranged:

Men's 1st Team Vs. Leicestershire C (Away). This match was originally scheduled for Friday May 28th at 6.15pm. The match was cancelled due to the passing and subsequent funeral of Leicestershire coach Steve Cloke. The match is due to be re-arranged for the end of the season. Details to be posted when they're available.

Mixed 2nd Team Vs. David Lloyd Narborough 1 (Home). This match was originally scheduled for Sunday 1st of August at 2pm. The match will now start at 5pm in order to allow those who wish to attend the finals day of the Leicestershire County Closed Championships to do so.

If you have any queries regarding these or other fixtures, please contact the appropriate captain or team representative.

10th May 2010 - Club tournament entry form now available

Please download and complete the Clubs tournament entry form to enter this years competitions.

12th April 2010 - External tournaments updated

For those interested in playing tournaments around the county this summer, a list of those we know about now appears on the Team Tennis page. If you know of details for anymore, then please get in touch.

12th April 2010 - Subscriptions due.

Unfortunately it is that time of year when subscriptions are due again. A full list of prices is available on the 'new members' page and remember that there are discounts for those who pay in full before the end of April. (Please ask a committee member for specific discount.) Further, anyone who would like to play team tennis this year must have paid their fees.

12th April 2010 - Online Handbook

The county handbook featuring a full list of affiliated clubs, addresses and competition rules is now available for download here.

12th April 2010 - Ladies' fixture list available to download

The Ladies' fixture list available to download from the team tennis page
Mens Aegon Open list to appear when available.

31st March 2010 - Men's / Mixed fixture lists available for download

Fixture lists for both the men's and mixed summer teams are now available to download from the team tennis page; Ladies' and Aegon Open fixtures to appear when available.

As with the juniors, these matches require 3 courts so none players may also want a glance at the fixtures in order to base their play around matches. The first week of matches is that which ends on Friday May 7th. This means that the last mid-week adult match practice coaching session with Jon will be on Wednesday April 28th, at which point adult group coaching will stop for the match season. Junior and individual coaching sessions, along with weekend match practice, continue throughout the playing season.

30th March 2010 - March 2010 edition of Vantage magazine available for download

The most recent edition of 'Vantage is now available as free pdf download and gives the usual dose of local tennis related news.

Click here to begin download.

26th March 2010 - Junior fixture list available to download

A fixture list for the boys under 10, under 12, under 14 and under 16 teams has been made available for download from the Juniors Team Tennis page. Home matches require 3 courts in the junior competitions so non-players may still want a peruse of the fixture list in order to base their play around the matches. Fixture lists for the men's doubles, ladies' doubles, and national club league teams will be added when they're available.

22nd March 2010 - 'New' new old summer league format

After several months of consultations the county's competition committee have now decided that the current league format of three first-to-nine sets will continue this season. The only league to implement any of the proposed changed changes (see entry on the 5th of February) will be the men's premier league - which does not affect Westfields. The men's premier teams will feedback at the end of the season and a vote will be taken on changes for next season. This decision means that the only change for the Summer of 2010 is that the leagues are going fully online, with no match cards to be handed in and online entry compulsory.

Online information for all Westfields teams will be linked from our Team Tennis page, so be sure to check there throughout the season for updates.

22nd March 2010 - new coaching block announced.

R2R's latest leaflet for tennis coaching is now available from the usual place in the Coach's Corner. Please note however, that the adult sessions noted on the leaflet are incorrect and that adult sessions will be taking the format detailed in the entry '31st March 2010 - Men's and Ladies' Match Practice'. Due to court availability adult sessions will cease when league matches start, although privately booked coaching with Jon is always available.

31st March 2010 - Junior Open Day

On Wednesday March 31st head coach Jon Anderson will be running a free open day for the junior section of the club, with age specific sessions taking place between 10am and 2pm. Of course, members are more than welcome to come along but if you know of any siblings or school friends who might like to try tennis, or fraught parents who want the kids out the house then make sure you tell them or pass on a leaflet!

Can any senior members who play during the day on Wednesdays please take note as well; a court will probably be available, but it might get noisy!

Download Jon's leaflet for more information here.

15th March 2010 - Junior Section Gets an Overhaul

The Junior page of has had a significant overhaul, with each section now on its own page so that it is easier to understand and get to where you want to go. This change hopefully puts a bit more emphasis on the junior portion of the website and over the coming months we hope to add more photos, information, and generally make the junior section a great resource for juniors and their parents.

Of course so much of this website is user led, so if you have any news, events, tournaments, fixtures, photos or any other information that you think other people want to know about then please tell us, our contact details are just a click away and the website and club will benefit enormously.

10th March 2010 - Wimbledon Tickets Availability

The application for Wimbledon tickets has to be cut off very soon. Please get in touch with Shiela Wilson on 0116 2855763 if you wish to apply. (Caroline is away).

Have a look at the letter to the club and the price list.

31st March 2010 - Men's and Ladies' Match Practice

Match practice for the coming season for both men and women will start on Wednesday March 31st, with match practice during the Sunday sessions commencing at the usual times on the 4th of April. As with last year an hour of group coaching has been incorporated into the midweek sessions, which will take on the following form:

6-7pm: group coaching with Jon Anderson (cost is £4 per session and can be paid on a week by week basis)
7-close: set fours to be decided upon by selectors

Men 7-8pm: group coaching with Jon Anderson (cost is £4 per session and can be paid on a week by week basis)
8-close: set fours to be decided upon by selectors

Players may of course attend one half of the evening only if they so desire. This mid-week session will, in addition to the Sunday sessions, be used by selectors as a basis upon which they the pick teams this summer. Can men in particular note that Jon Anderson will be captaining and selecting for the Aegon Team Tennis League this season so those wishing to be considered for this team would be advised to attend on Wednesdays!

20th March 2010 (Saturday at 12 noon) - Sports Relief Mile

Sport Relief is heading your way!
Saturday 20th March at 12 noon at Westfield Tennis Club
8 Times around the courts to complete the Sports Relief Mile - £2.00 Entry fee - Refreshments provided.

13th March 2010 - Dinner at the club with an Italian feel

Another dinner has been arranged to take place at the club on Saturday 13th March 2010, 7.30pm £5 with an Italian feel. Everybody is welcome, just put names on the list at the clubhouse to attend.

5th February 2010 - 'New' new summer league format.

As first declared some time ago, LTA Leicestershire are implementing a change to the summer league format. The leagues currently consist of three doubles pairs from each club playing one first-to-nine set against each opposing pair. The new format however would consist of playing one first-to-six set against two of the opposing pairs, and two first-to-six sets against your opposite number (i.e. the pair ranked '1' would play one set against the opposition pair ranked '3', one against the pair ranked '2', and two against the pair ranked '1'). If that final two set match is tied at one set all, a championship tie-break (first to ten points) shall determine the winner. This system is already utilised in the Men's Premier Division. The new format is intended to i) shorten the matches (a perceived problem in some of the Ladies' matches in particular), ii) ensure that each player plays the majority of their tennis against their most evenly matched opponent and iii) bring Leicestershire into line with the rest of the tennising world in playing first-to-six sets.

However, due to understandable reservations on the part of several clubs around Leicestershire these plans have now been modified. These changes will now only occur in the men's leagues; the ladies' league continuing with the current first-to-nine system. The men's pilot season will then be reviewed in September and if deemed to be successful will be fully rolled out the following year.

This does of course mean that any thoughts you may have about these changes either now or during the season can and should be considered by the Leicestershire Competitions Committee who ultimately make the final decision regarding any changes. So if you have any thoughts, either for or against the new format, please feel free to get in touch.

27th January 2010 - After Christmas Supper on the 6th Feb, 7:30pm.

The first social event of 2010 - the 'After Christmas Supper' - is being held in the clubhouse on Saturday 6th February, 7.30pm. All members, relatives, and friends are invited to come along to what are always well attended and enjoyed events.

There's a choice of 2 main courses on offer with pudding and coffee, and all for only £5 per head. If you'd like to come along please let our social secretary Gina know in advance by either signing the list at the clubhouse or contacting Gina directly; her details can be found here.

21st January 2010 - Les Forryan given a 'Special Lifetime Achievement Award' by Tennis Leicestershire

Julie with Les' Lifetime
Achievement Award

At the annual Tennis Leicestershire awards night Julie Pope, daughter of former President Les Forryan, was presented with a 'Special Lifetime Achievement Award' to honour Les' 79 years as a member of Westfields. While Julie was being presented with the trophy by the BBC's John Inverdale, the award selection committee remarked that while they don't usually consider rewards to be given in memoriam they considered Les' contribution to be so great as to warrant an extra award being given.

Since Les passed away in the summer Westfields have made several steps to acknowledge Les' input; The club's article in the October 2009 edition of Vantage Magazine (available here) contained a great deal of information on Les, Les' text A Brief History of Westfields has been made available as a pdf file (from the history page of this site), and the club's old logo consisting of the club's initials on a green shield, which was used until the 1960s, has been re-commissioned with a physical copy to appear in the clubhouse.

Ruby, Julie, and Caroline;
representing the Ladies' 1st and 2nd teams

That this award brings wider recognition to his accomplishments is truly fantastic. For those who want a brief overview of Les and the contribution he made to Westfields, the club's letter of nomination (most of which was read out on the night) for this award is available to download here.

Also presented with certificates at the awards night were representatives of Wesfields Ladies' first and second teams who were rewarded for their promotions out of divisions 3 and 6 respectively in the Winter League of 2008.

Unfortunately the reorganisation of the leagues this year meant that both teams were still playing in divisions 3 and 6, but everyone likes a certificate! Congratulations to all players involved.

12th January 2010 - New Senior Coaching Block Announced

Jon Anderson's first coaching block of 2010 has been announced, and the form is now available for download from the Coach's Corner. As in 2009, there are two adult group sessions running between 6-7 and 7-8 on Wednesday evenings. These sessions are geared to cater for all abilities and so everyone should feel free to come along no matter what you hope to take from the sessions. And of course at just £4 an hour for members (£5 for non-members), they are an absolute bargain. For more course information and Jon's contact details head over to the Coach's Corner, or check out the posters up in the clubhouse.

For information on the new junior coaching block, visit the 'News and Events' portion of the Juniors page.

Westfields Represented at the Leicestershire LTA Awards Night

Leicestershire Tennis' annual Awards evening, which celebrates the promoted teams of the past year along with the county's outstanding junior players and those who make life-long contributions to tennis in Leicestershire, is being held at 7p.m. on January 21st. The free event will once again take place at the Leicester Tigers ground on Welford Road. The guest speaker this year is John Inverdale from BBC Sport and if past representatives from the BBC are any indication he'll have some good stories to tell!

This year Westfields are doubly represented at the awards night. Firstly, the ladies first team will be rewarded for their efforts in the 2008 Winter League where they were promoted. Secondly, the club has nominated Les Forryan, president of the club between 1967 and his passing away in the summer, for a posthumous lifetime achievement award. We won't know the success of this bid until the night but it certainly gives extra interest into what has in the past always been a thoroughly enjoyable evening. If you are interested in coming along to and joining the Westfields party then please contact Greg (details here) by the end of Thursday the 14th of January.

Cold Lang Syne; Results from the 'Frozen but Fun' New Years Day Tournament.

Despite the freezing temperatures ensuring that courts one and two remained firmly beneath a sheet of ice, the hard courts had recovered (following a bit of vigorous scrubbing) to an extent that allowed the annual New Year's Day Tournament in aid of Cancer Research UK to go ahead as planned. The tournament is played in that unique Westfields format shared by the summer's Anne Relton Trophy; a mix doubles four play a four game set, swap partners, and repeat; thus giving each player a score of between 0 and 8 for each match they play. This year the ladies' tournament was won by Julie, while the men's winner was Ted; congratulations to them both. Many thanks also to all those who volunteered on the day, set up the table tennis, contributed the grub, and especially contributed to the day's cause; a total of £62.50 being raised on the day. (The option to donate online is of course always open.) A fantastic effort from all involved.

Winter of 2009 leaves behind only the status quo

While some results remain to be submitted online, indications are that all of Westfields teams will retain their positions in their respective leagues for the 2010 winter league season. The men's first team have finished 2009 bang in the middle (4th of 8) of Division 2 following a season in which they finished with a record of 3 (wins) - 3 (loses) - 1 (draw). This record of 3-3-1 was matched by the second team, competing in what this year was an exceptionally strong Division 5, and they too will finish in mid-table. The men's third team, competing in Division 6, held a 2-5-0 record and finished one spot above the relegation places. It should be noted however that Division 6 is of a higher standard than the third team play in the summer and the fact that they were so competitive (taking sets in every match) with what was a newly assembled team is of great credit to them.

The ladies' first team, competing in Division 3 also finished with a record of 3-3-1 and sit comfortably in mid-table as a result. As in the summer the ladies' second team gave the strongest performance in the club and finished with a record of 3-3-2. While a great number of results from Division 6 remain to be submitted online and a precise league position for the seconds is therefore not possible to attain, it seems most likely that a third place finish has been achieved. The ladies' third team struggled somewhat, available results giving a record of 0-3-0, however there is no relegation from Division 8 and so the team will be able to try again this time next year.

Hampered by some poor weather, the season didn't actually conclude until a couple of days before Christmas. That Westfields continued to be able to put forward strong teams that close to the festivities and with the weather as it was it a testament to all; congratulations to all who played.

All mens winter team results and fixture information can be found here.
All womens winter team results and fixture information can be found here

News and Events 2009

20th December 2009 - Westfields' Christmas Programme

With time away from the office and Christmas dinners to be worked off, you may fancy playing a bit of extra tennis over the Christmas break. If this is the case, then the following dates may well be of interest:

  • December 24th; Christmas Eve Social Session (1pm): mixed social session in the style of a Saturday afternoon.
  • December 26th; Saturday afternoon mixed social session runs as normal from 2pm.
  • December 27th; Sunday morning men's session runs as normal from 10am.
  • December 28th; mixed social session running from the earlier than usual Monday time of 1:30pm
  • January 1st; New Years Day Tennis Afternoon from 2pm. Annual mixed session run in aid of Cancer Research UK. A minimum donation of £2.50 is asked for this session. Please feel free to bring any food you have left over from the festive season; hot drinks will be on the club.
Please see the Junior Page for details of additional junior sessions over Christmas.

December 2009 - AGM Report

Please click here to view the latest AGM report in Microsoft Word format.

4th December 2009 - Tennis and local Curry

To celebrate the end of team tennis for the next six months (as well as Christmas and anything else you can think of) the lastest in the line of the men's tennis and curry evenings has been given the go ahead for Friday the 4th of December.

Everyone is invited to attend the club for some tennis from 6 p.m. before we move onto a local curry house around 7:30. All men at the club, regardless of the team (if any!) that was played for, are invited to come along; equally so if only one half of the evening can be made. We had a fantastic turnout for the last event and hopefully we'll get an equally impressive response this time.

Can all who want to come along for the curry get in touch with Greg (phone and e-mail numbers on this website) by Thursday so that we can book a table, it would be greatly appreciated.

Spread the word and see you there!

All the best, Greg

October edition of 'Vantage magazine available for download

The most recent edition of 'Vantage is now available as free pdf download and gives the usual dose of local tennis related news. In this issue there is included a "commentary by leading child protection expert, Mark Williams, on the new independent safeguarding measures from the ISA which will affect all voluntary organisations and sports clubs", an explanation of the bizarrely titled 'rain tax' as well as the usual report for tennis development officer Paul Sheard, county news, and club reports - which features a sizeable entry from Westfields. Well worth a browse.

Click here to begin download.

Finals Day Results

Richard Jones - Emily Nicholls

This year's club tournament ended in a rain-free and successful Finals Day on Sunday the 6th of September. Richard Jones, competing in his second final, beat five times and defending club champion Phil Stacey 6-2 6-4 in the Men's Singles final to take his first championship.

Another new name was to find its way onto the honours board after Emily Nicholls beat former champion Liz Jones in a fascinating match-up. The big hitting final eventually ended with Emily prevailing 1-6 6-4 6-4.

Top: Dave Nicholls and Richard Jones
Bottom: Rubina Litt and Caroline Moore

Liz was to be involved in another three set match-up later in the day, this time in the Ladies' Doubles. Once again however, Liz was to lose a tight match with herself and her partner Tracey Costello - appearing in her first final - losing to Rubina Litt and Caroline Moore 6-2 0-6 6-2.

The Men's Doubles final featured four previous winners and promised to be a close match. Men's Singles finalists Richard Jones and Phil Stacey were once again present, partnered by Dave Nicholls and Rob Brown respectfully. Despite some toing and froing, Dave and Richard were to go on to win in straight sets 6-2 7-5.

Richard Jones and Rubina Litt

The day concluded with Men's Singles/Doubles champion Richard Jones teaming up with Ladies' Double champion Rubina Litt to take on Greg Hollin and Jane Facer in the mixed doubles final. Despite the sets in the legs and one or two tricky moments, the match finished with a 6-3 6-3 victory for Richard and Ruby.

This victory of course gave Richard the 'Grand Slam' - taking all three trophies on offer. While this feat was last achieved by both Phil Stacey and Rich's sister Liz in 2007, this belies the rarity of the achievement and everyone at the club sends their congratulations to a worthy champion.

As always there was a fantastic turnout for the event. Many thanks to all those who brought food and drink as well as to all those competing; it all added up to a more than fitting end to the season.

Please click on the youtube video below to see the actual award presentation ceremony from 2009

Les celebrating 70 years as a member of Westfields

Club president Les Forryan passes away aged 93

Club president Les Forryan has passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 23rd of July at the age of 94. Les had been a member of Westfields since 1930 and during that time has been match secretary (1941-42), treasurer (1953-1962), chairman (1970-1980) and of course president from 1967 until his death. Les also wrote Westfields Tennis Club: A Brief History, a work which details the history of the club from its inception in 1927 until 1981 and is available as a pdf from the 'History of Westfields' page of this website. Les only stopped playing tennis a year ago (and had every intention to return!) and it goes without saying that he was one of the most important people in the history of Westfields LTC. He will be sadly missed.

Mixed fortunes for women; steady as they go for the men

The headline news from the summer season is that the Ladies seconds have achieved promotion out of division 5a! Finishing second behind Leicestershire F (who seem to have won just about every division going this year) the team - represented at various points by Emily, Jane, Julie, Lizzie, Lynne, Maria, Melissa, Rowan, Sally, Sheila and Tracey - lost only twice while amassing 64 points, 5 clear of third place.

The ladies first team just failed to make that a double promotion, finishing the season third in division 3a with a record of 6-3. The third team found life harder, finishing with a record of 0-5, but with no relegation from 6b they will be back to try again next year.

After all three teams were promoted last season, the men were all able to retain their places in their respective leagues this season. The first team were able to match their female equivalents by finishing with a record of 6-3 in division 2. While this was only good enough for fourth place it was only three points behind the total amassed by second place Carisbrooke B and a win on the last day may well have seen promotion. The second team were planted in the middle of division 4b finishing fifth out of ten with a record of 4-5. The third team found life hardest in division 5b. After gaining promotion by a single point last year life was always going to be tough, but a spectacular 7-2 victory in the final match of the season ensured safety with a record of 2-7.

Congratulations - especially to the ladies' seconds - and thanks to all those who contributed to the teams this season, we hope you'll all be available for the winter league! For more information on the teams, please visit the 'Teams Page'.

Westfields opens doors for open gardens

For the first time ever Westfields opened its doors and its clubhouse for the annual Western Park Open Gardens Weekend over the 4th and 5th of July, an event in which local residents explore each other's gardening worlds and tips. Westfields was open for tea and cake during the event and welcomed over 50 visitors, including the Lord Mayor. The club's participation was a continuation of the effort to make Westfields both visible within and an important part of the local community. This effort was recognised by local newspaper The Western Park Gazette who noted the Club's involvement on their front page. A big thank-you to Caroline, Len, Lynne, Muriel and Pete for organising the event and welcoming the guests.

If at first you don't succeed...

At the second time of asking (the first attempt being scuppered by the weather) the annual Anne Relton Memorial Tournament was held on the 27th of June with great succees. The event has an unusual format in which a mixed four play four games before the players of the same sex swap partners and play four more. Each player scores one point for each game they win, meaning that each player has an individual score between 0-8. Whichever man and whichever woman has got the most points after four matches wins. Confused? Well Caroline and Eduardo weren't as they won the ladies' and men's tournaments respectfully.

Congratulations to Caroline and Eduardo and a big thankyou to Len for running the tournament and all those who contributed food. You all contributed to a fantastic day!