Coach Corner

The structure

The coaching at Westfield's is provided by R2R Tennis. Based out of Oakham, R2R is a coaching partnership who work with clubs across Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire. R2R joined Westfield's in November 2009 and have ambitious projects for the club. Over the course of 2010 and 2011 R2R has established a successful programme, increasing the club's links with the local schools and communities and making coaching available to all adult members.

To contact R2R, or for more information on them please visit their website.

As well as coaching R2R also offer racquet re-stringing and gripping services. For more information on these services please speak to an R2R representative at the club or visit here.

The Coaching Team

CJ Selvidge
CJ Selvidge

James Spence
James Spence

Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson

CJ Selvidge, James Spence and Richard Wilson

We have a strong team at Westfield's lead by Richard Wilson, Director of R2R Tennis. Richard has worked in Leicestershire for nearly 10 years at Oakham, Belvoir Vale, Oadby, Hinckley and Uppingham. Being a fully qualified level 3 Coach he has successfully worked with many mini players and Adults returning to the game Richard has also worked with Tennis Leicestershire as there Tournament Organiser.

He enjoys working with up and coming new coaches and works closely with CJ and James Spence to provide a quality Coaching Programme.

CJ,Selvidge is a level 2 Coach but has worked as a Coach for over 3 years. Having played at Wigston he joined Oadby and now takes his own mini Tennis groups. He thoroughly enjoys teaching all ages and has a very motivational and encouraging attitude towards all players. He gains great satisfaction from seeing players improve and enjoys being part of the R2R team.

He plans to build on his experience and take his coaching to a full time career.

The team is completed by James Spence who has played all his tennis for Westfield's and has progressed through the junior ranks. He played his first match for Westfield's Men's 1st team before his sixteenth birthday and has since become a regular in the side.

James passed his Level 1 Coaching Assistant course in 2010 and he too possesses a clear CRB. and has booked onto his level 2 course on October 2011.

For more information on our child safeguarding measures please see our Juniors page.

Group Coaching Offered

The coaching team are pleased to provide a full range of coaching options suitable for four year olds through to first team players.

These options are as follows:

Mini Red (4-8 years old)

Red ball mini tennis is played on smaller courts with shorter rackets and softer balls. It is suitable for beginners and will give youngsters the chance to develop a broad range of skills to play all balls sports effectively. Key focus on practising different types of shots, coordination, throwing and catching, balance and having lots of fun too.

Mini Orange (8-9 years old)

Played on 3/4 court with bigger rackets and next stage orange balls . This is the next stage to go through before playing on a full sized court, to help players develop all the different shots and provide fun competition.

Mini Green (mini green 10 years old)

Played on a full sized court using bigger rackets and low compression green balls. It is the next stage to go through before playing with a full compression yellow ball. It will help players to work on and improve all aspects of their game within a fun, competitive environment.

Mini Yellow (mini yellow 11+)

Played on a full sized tennis court, with full size rackets and full compression yellow balls. It is the last stage of "mini" tennis to develop technique and skills further and learn competition scoring and tac-tics.

Rusty Rackets

Rusty racket sessions are aimed at providing a way back into tennis for those who can't remember the last time that they held a racket, or are pretty certain that they in fact never have picked up a racket! In combination with Westfields' 'Gateway Membership' and the associated club session this is a great introduction to the sport for beginners and provides a great way to stay fit, make friends, and move on to team and social tennis with Westfields.

Team Coaching

A mixed sex session aimed at improving the game and tactics of team players and those more confident in their games. The session is always catered to the ability of those attending so all members are encouraged to come along!

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is available upon request.

Course Timetables

A timetable detailing the current coaching schedule is available in the clubhouse.


Contact details can be found on our contact us page.